Treating Ringworm Infection Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar

Ringworm is caused by fungus and produces red, itchy and ring-shaped infections on the skin. These are common in cats and is highly infectious and spreads to humans and pets alike. These infections are often found on sweaty areas of the body like the armpits, groin or feet. One of the home remedies that are useful in treating these infections is the apple cider vinegar which is used topically on the infected part. Learn more here… about how to treat ringworm infection using it.

Apple cider vinegar is used in many applications due to its antifungal properties. People suffering from ringworm infections can use this topically on the affected areas. Pour a few drops of this solution on a cotton swab and apply it on the infected area several times a day. Applying this for a few days will reduce the fungal infection. This post details how to use apple cider vinegar for treating ringworm infections.

Apple cider vinegar is used as a natural home remedy for treating many infections but is especially useful in treating ringworm infection which is a fungal infection. It also helps in providing relief to symptoms like itchiness. The infection due to ringworm causes a lot of irritation on the affected area when you use this solution after a stinging sensation initially; you will get relief from itchiness. As the fungus gets killed the skin infection will reduce and in many cases entirely gets cured.

Since there are no harmful chemicals that the other creams and ointments have it is a safe and natural remedy for curing ringworms. People who are looking for solutions which are non-toxic use this as it is safe for use on pets and kids and its use does not cause any side-effects. But if the infection is severe, only apple cider vinegar application cannot cure it. If the application of it does not solve the problem, it is best to consult a doctor who will suggest another antifungal cream to address this issue.

Apple cider vinegar is non-toxic and hence safe for use, but it is acidic, and therefore it should be kept away from children and pets. Also, the solution should be diluted as the acid present in the application can burn the skin. A small diluted dose should be first used initially to see if there are any reactions. Another thing to do is first to apply it on an uninfected part to check for sensitivity and then begin treating the ringworm infection.

What experts suggest?
Many doctors and homeopaths like Dr. Christina Starkman recommend that through the application of this solution is an effective home remedy, but will be successful only if there are a few patches of ringworm infection. Moreover, it is just an external treatment, and more severe infections will have to be treated by a doctor. For minor infections, apply apple cider vinegar to the infected area twice every half an hour every day. But ensure you check for skin sensitivity on an uninfected area before you use on the infected part. Complete elimination of infection takes three to four weeks.