Low Testosterone And Libido

Low Testosterone And Libido

Medical experts at the famous HealthGAINS clinics offer medical solutions for libido, but cannot explain the mystery how testosterone increases the libido. As indicated in the website www.healthfitnessrevolution.com, the libido commonly known as sex drives or desire of men declines as the age progresses. However, such a condition varies widely from one person to another. Also, the aspect of sex drive is known to be highly subjective.

What one man views as low sexual desire, another one may not. Also, desire for sex for each person may not be the same over a period of time. Factors like stress, sleeplessness, and opportunities for sex can also impact a lower libido for men. More often men themselves identify the lower sex drives and recognize it as an issue. On the other hand, his partner may treat such condition as an issue.

Low testosterone indications do not always show the symptoms of libido, where few men maintain the desire in spite of the lower level. On the other hand, some men with normal testosterone levels can still have a lower sex drive. In such situations, only a right medical consultation can help these individuals. Of course, if one suffers from lower testosterone level for a long time, he will surely experience a decreased sex desire.

Here, one should know the fact the libido can also be seen with the individuals who are affected by stress, sleeplessness, depression, and other chronic health disorders, besides the lower testosterone level. Studies have shown that a majority of men who have lower testosterone levels have suffered from low libido. The correlation between libido and lower testosterone levels are still under the studies of several researchers from all parts of the world.

Interestingly, lower testosterone level can itself be the symptom of erectile dysfunction (ED). As per medical experts, ED can be seen due to the hardening of arteries causing a lower flow of blood circulation to the penis. For a normal erection, the penis should get a strong blood circulation. Disorders such as diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking and high-level cholesterol can also contribute to the ED among many men. According to the research findings, most men who suffer from ED have shown lower testosterone levels. Hence it can be concluded that ED and lower level of testosterone correlate. At times, an ED can worsen the testosterone level for these patients.

Recent studies have revealed the fact that testosterone has a great impact on the networking of the nerves as well as the connective tissues in the penis. It is also found the deprival of testosterone for a long time can cause the integral feature of the penis. Testosterone therapy can improve the libido. However, the risk of testosterone replacement is not fully known to the medical experts. Both testosterone and cholesterol have similar chemical structures and are vital for the bodily functions. Since both are known as steroids, cholesterol is needed for the building block in order to produce testosterone. Researchers are still working to understand more about the correlation between these important steroids.