Facts About Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

Hormone Replacement Therapy

According to the medical experts at the popular HealthGains clinic, men from their middle age suffer from the decrease of production of the testosterone hormone. As per www.everydayhealth.com, this hormone is responsible for sexual characteristics and has a great effect on the whole body. Because of this, any reduction of this hormone can affect the functions of many organs in the body. Moreover, such a reduction of testosterone can create other hormonal imbalances causing other symptoms such as weight gain, erectile dysfunction (ED), depression and so on.

Hormonal imbalances which occur for men, as well as women, can be corrected by administering Hormone Replacement Therapy shortly referred as HRT by the medical experts. HRT is considered to be safe and found to be effective for men to combat andropause, which is also known as male menopause. In such event, men need to meet the medical expert to begin the HRT consultation.

Interestingly, men who are treated for HRT also gain extra protection from the age- related issues like diabetes besides experiencing relief from the common symptoms discussed above.

Some of the other benefits of HRT include; maintenance of reproductive tissues, stimulation of sperm production, less risk of ED, reduction of body fat and so on. Here one should know the fact that the reduction of testosterone in men increases the abdominal fat, which in turn results in the additional conversion of estrogen. This chain reaction causes an effective hormonal imbalance and leads to the symptoms of andropause like fatigue, depression, etc.

One of the ways that HRT assists a transgendered female who was formerly a male is to help reduce the amount of hair on their bodies. Testosterone has the role of creating male hormones. Not only does it focus on the tests but also creates some of the identification characteristics of men. This includes hair on their bodies, lower voices, and having a more aggressive characteristic. This might not be true for all men but has been shown to cause male rats to be more aggressive in marking their territory.

Now, when a transgender chooses to go through the process, HRT is usually the first step. After about one to two years, the process will cause changes in a lot of things, including breast size, genitals, prostate gland, and impotence. When you use HRT for an extended period of time, impotence is very likely to occur. Being aware of that is important.

Some physical changes will not have much change, if any change at all, is beard hair and raised voice. There are other ways to deal with those two types of changes that would support the change from male to female. You need to expect a lot of change within the HRT over the next few years as science improves. This will only improve the transition.

The levels of testosterone level are known to be high during the period of adolescence and remain stable until the age of thirty to thirty-five. After this age, the level shows some downward trends which are considered to be normal. However, some men use HRT to reduce the ageing process.