Cool Sculpting: A Trending Body Shaping Technique


People nowadays are getting more conscious of their looks. With various fat reduction treatments and techniques available, we tend to try everything possible to get back to a perfect shape. Although they give immediate results, treatments like liposuctions have certain side effects which do not make it a very safe option. Apart from that, price wise also these body shaping methods are considerably expensive. DIY coolsculpting can actually work and it has evolved into a new medically proven technique which is very effective and much safer to use. As compared to other body sculpting techniques, it is affordable and very effective. If you are new to the term coolsculpting, can throw some light on it.

The methodology involved for fat reduction in this technique is to expose the fat cells to a low temperature which freezes and break it down because fat cells are more sensitive to cold temperature as compared to the skin cells. The temperature should be cold enough to create fat freeing effect on the fat cells, but should not damage the skin cells which would take a lot of time to repair. Although one can experience skin irritation, throbbing and stinging for a few days, this will also subside with time.

Few considerations which are essential to be made before opting for this treatment include:

1. Since it is not FDA certified fat reduction technique, it is advisable to get it under the consultation of a licensed doctor or medical specialist.
2. Existing medical condition is a prime concern. In case you have specific diseases like cryoglobulinemia, paroxysmal cold hemoglobinuria and other severe sensitivity issues, please take the opinion of your doctor before opting for this treatment. They would suggest the right course of action after analyzing your medical condition. By undertaking the process without medical guidance, you can risk your health unnecessarily.
3. Safe temperature setting and monitoring are required. If the temperature falls beyond the permissible level, it can cause frost bites and other health complications. Ideally, the fat freezing temperature should range between 10 to 15 Fahrenheit. Although this may take a little longer to kill the fat, you would be saved from any tissue damage and frost bites. Thus the temperature levels should continuously be checked during the process by using the standard infrared thermometer.
4. The safer methodology should be applied to reduce the temperature of the treatment area. If you are using now approved equipment and techniques for lowering the temperature, you need to be extra conscious. While this DIY cool sculpting process can be carried out at home, one needs to be very careful with the methodology to avoid any damage to skin cell and other health issues.

This fat freezing therapy is a natural way of reducing fat. The best part is, there is no use of any complex equipment, needles and surgery in the process and it offers a painless treatment which is why it is attracting a lot of fat reduction aspirants. By taking required precautions and keeping your doctor updated with the developments, you can shape up your body is a convenient, painless and faster manner. So if you are fed up with spending long hours in the gym, dieting or are afraid of surgeries, this treatment is the best solution available on the market.