Are There Any Medical Benefits Of Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck or Abdominoplasty in medicall terms is a popular cosmetic surgery to remove fat, loose skin and for muscle tightening around the abdomen. tummy tuck in toronto and across the world has seen a rise according to plastic surgeons not just for cosmetic reasons but also for its medical benefits. Typically, it is not covered by insurance and to know the costs refer to know more, but the spending on this procedure has increased irrespective of insurance coverage.

While many women prefer to opt for this procedure to regain their figure after pregnancy, weight loss or to correct saggy areas of the tummy, for some it is for medical reasons. Find the therapeutic benefits of this procedure below.

For urinary incontinence: Post-pregnancy some women who give birth normally can develop Stress urinary incontinence or SUI. That is a condition where women have no control over the bladder and leak even when they cough, sneeze or laugh. This uncontrolled leaking in most cases can be treated without surgery, but there are a few cases which can be resolved through tummy tuck procedure. It is important to note that this procedure can be done only on women who have given a vaginal birth and not through cesarean. The surgery is performed to create a small obstruction on the pelvic area using a soft tissue and thus reducing incontinence.

Hernia relief: a Ventral hernia is caused due to the weak abdomen. The tissues in the abdomen and the intestine break out and become a sack. The reason for this type of break out can be weight loss or appendectomies. Like abdominoplasty, the correction for a ventral hernia is to improve the abdominal muscle strength and correct the pressure that is applied to the skin. Irrespective of the cause of muscle weakening, a hernia can happen. Moreover, the recurrence of a ventral hernia is highly likely, and abdominoplasty can help in strengthening the abdomen and prevent its recurrence. Also when you undergo this procedure the recovery time needed for this process is very less and is also cost-effective.

Posture gets corrected: When you carry excess lose fat around your skin, your stance can get affected and lead to severe back problems. It can also lead to lordosis or swayback which is a combination of carrying more skin and weak muscles. When you undergo tummy tuck procedure, the muscles around the abdomen become tight and provides more support to the spine, and your posture gets corrected. When there is spine support, back pain gets reduced or is completely cured.

Maintain weight loss: People who undergo a bariatric procedure to reduce the tummy size when combined with a tummy tuck are more likely not to regain that weight back. As per research conducted by bariatric surgeons, when the two surgeries are combined, the patients added an average of only 1 pound per year against 4 pounds with only bariatric surgery performed. Due to this study, many researchers are of the opinion that tummy tucks are essential for sustained weight loss and hence are arguing that it be covered by insurance.