7 Healthy Reasons For You To Have Sex


Not many people are aware of phallosan erfahrungen which is nothing but the experience of having a satisfying sexual experience. There are some scientific reasons also to have sex, and these are mentioned in https://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/scientific-reasons-to-have-more-sex in detail. Here are seven of the best health reasons why you should have sex as often as you can.
· The health of the heart is much better when you have sex because it is also an exercise for the body and the heart. People who have sex frequently have better heart health than others who have it less often.
· You can get good relief from pains which can be severe otherwise. It is a known fact that when a person looks at someone who is their beloved or an attractive person, they might experience less pain than otherwise; the same applies even when having sex with your partner.
· Not many people are aware that sex can lower the stress levels and also reduce the blood pressure of both partners. It relaxes the mind and helps the person to calm down which can eventually lower the blood pressure in the body.
· There has been enough evidence to prove that regular sex can reduce the formation of prostate cancer as the risks are considerably reduced. People who ejaculate more than twenty times in a month are at a lesser risk than those who do the same in fewer instances.
· By having regular sex, you can also increase your sexual desire, please your partner and also have a better sleep routine. Most people with sleep disorders have found this trick to be very helpful and have seen results in quick time.
· You are more likely to be happy and with a positive mood and also build a healthy relationship with your partner. This is possible with just having sex, if you can dedicate some time for foreplay, then you will be able to enjoy it even more. Sex is one way to make even a dead relationship come alive.
· Your skin will glow and also look younger, and that is the reason why the ‘morning after’ glow has been a trendy phrase. It is a physical and psychological thing due to which your skin will get a natural glow without the use of the many chemical makeup items that are available in the market today.
It is very common that people shy out and do not talk to their partners about their sexual preferences, but this is essential in order to have a great sex life. Sexually healthy couples are found to have a more extended and lasting relationship in comparison to others who don’t have it. You need to spend enough time and energy for a good sex experience which will not only give you a climax that you will enjoy, as mentioned above, it also helps in improving your health. So, go on, get to know the sexual preferences of your partner and start getting healthy in the most natural and best possible way!